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Your Essay of the Weekend and PT Conferences

** Parents: We have parent teacher conferences on Monday April 23rd from 3pm-5pm. If I did not reach out to you personally, we do not have to meet (unless, of course, you have any questions or concerns) **
ELA 3, 4 

Should Students learn a foreign language? FOUR paragraphs (Intro, Body, Counter Argument, Conclusion) EACH paragraph should be 3-4 Sentences. Extra Credit: Share the essay with me on google docs. 
ELA 5 
Should Recess be Free Time? Intro: What are you discussing and where do you stand on the issue? Body: (PEE) State your Point, Support it with an Example, Explain how the example supports your point. Counter Argument: On the other hand, state the reasoning made by people who disagree with you. Then, explain why their reasoning is not as strong as yours. Conclusion: restate your main points. Give the reader something to think about moving forward.

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