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Your Summer Homework

Dear Families:
Each student is required to spend some time each week practicing reading and math over the summer break to maintain and improve their skills for next year.This summer work will be monitored and will be used as a project grade during the first quarter.This year, instead of physical summer packets, we will be using Achieve3000 to support growth in reading and Khan Academy to support growth in math.
For reading, students are expected to completetwo Achieve3000 articles a weekfrom June 25 to August 31.Only articles with the multiple choice activity completed at 75% or higher on the first try will count towards the two article expectation.Students and parents can track their progress on the articles over these 10 weeks on the attached Achieve3000 worksheet.
For math, students are expected to complete 30 minutes of Khan Academy a week from June 25 to August 31.These 30 minutes should be at grade level or at their MAP score level.They should focus on reviewing and completing th…

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