The Adventure Begins...

Dear Parents,

Mr. Robles? Here! Present!

A great adventure awaits us this year. I am thrilled, I am energized, and most importantly, I am committed to seeing your children through to the fruition of God's grand design for their lives!

My purpose as a teacher is clear: to make an indelible (good word!) mark on the spiritual and mental development of your children. They have been wonderful so far. They remind me of me and that's why I can't get enough of them.

It is statistically proven that most statistics are made up, but this one is true: Parents who read at home in the presence of their children are setting their children up for success in the classroom. To that end, I propose a Book Club for parents! We can begin as soon as possible, Mr. Robles will offer a selection of books we can choose from, and then we can talk about the book whenever we run into each other.

Many of us are pressed for time; many of us are running around from sun up until sun down. I own a kindle and I read voraciously during my long commute to and from Brooklyn. It is either that, or stare at other listless people on the train.

In any case, this page is for homework assignments. I will post here faithfully beginning the weekend of September the 18th. It is my ardent wish that you stay in touch with me, and hopefully you will confide in me as the academic year progresses.

With warm Regards,

Mr. Robles


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