HW: Tues. Night 9/22

ELA 3 

  • STUDY for your test tomorrow. You can DO this, children! Remember: you can customize your own exam. You can choose TWO parts of the test; you can choose from Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Amulet, The Last Airbender, and the story we created together using Rory's Story Cubes. 
  • The packets I handed you should be very helpful. 

ELA 4 
  • Read Babe Chapter 4: "You'm a Polite young chap." Remember to circle vocabulary words, and (!) for anything that struck you, (?) for any questions you may have about the text. Interacting with the novel in this manner helps you sink into the reading. 
  • Journal Entry: "You find a Key under your pillow..." Describe it, tell me what door or doors it opens. Is it magical? Is it an ancient family heirloom? (This entry will receive a letter grade! Have your parents check it for spelling and grammar)

ELA 5 

  • Read Esperanza Rising Chapter 4, "Los Higos." Think about the next chapter. Make sure your heart is on the page. Make a note of your feelings as things fall apart in Esperanza's life. Circle vocabulary words. The more vocabulary we know, the less they interfere with the flow of our reading. 
  • Journal Entry: SEE ELA 4 "You find a key under your pillow..." 


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