Homework: Thursday Night 9/17

3rd. Grade ELA 

  • Journal: Write Chapter 1 of the story we created together using Rory's Story Cubes. Hint: it involved three female heroes, a mysterious cave, and a dragon that smelled like ice cream. 

4th. Grade ELA 
  • Journal: Science Fiction: You wake up one morning and realize that, by some cosmic power, you are twenty years in the future...that would make you a nineteen or twenty year old if my math serves me correctly. What does your future look like? What does the world around you look like? 
  • Read Babe Chapter 3: "What Can't I learn?"* 

5th. Grade ELA 
  • Journal: Historic Fiction: You wake up in the past. Choose an historic setting (time and place). Be creative! What are you doing and do you run into anybody famous? Or, perhaps, you meet your ancestors. 
  • Read Esperanza Rising Chapter 3: Las Papayas* 

*Remember to circle vocabulary and make a note of characters. Come to class armed with a question, an impression, and a comment.*


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