Homework: Monday Night 9/21

ELA 3 

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox packet: color in Fantastic Mr. Fox! 
  • Write out the definitions on the second page of Vocabulary in the Mr. Fox packet. 
  • Finish our "Facts and Opinions" Packet. Create your own facts and opinions about the words provided in italics. 
  • Prepare for our FIRST TEST on Wednesday. Students will be able to customize their test, selecting TWO of the four readings/media we are covering in class: Fantastic Mr. Fox, Amulet, The Last Airbender, and the story we are creating using RORY's Story Cubes. 

ELA 4 

  • Read Babe, Chapter 3. Circle vocabulary, characters, and make note of any impressions, comments, or questions. 
  • Journal Entry: Why is Babe following Fly around? What is Mrs. Hogget planning to do with Babe when the pig gets bigger? Detail your entry with comments and impressions about the text. You get extra points if you use vocabulary words we are learning in class! 

ELA 5 

  • Make a note of this Character Web. This pic also lists the places we visit through Esperanza's eyes: 
  • Read Esperanza Rising Chapter 3. Circle vocabulary, make a note of characters, write an exclamation point wherever something in the book struck you, or moved you, or filled you with righteous indignation! 
  • Journal Entry: You can either write both entries or choose one. 1) In Chapter 2, Abuelita says, "There are no roses without thorns." What does she mean by that? What is she referring to in the book? Does this resonate with you, and in what ways? Can you relate to this idea? 
  • Journal Entry #2: In Chapter 2, the narrator suggests that "There is a river between" Miguel and Esperanza. Let's explore this deeper. What does he mean figuratively about this division? What is the basis for this division? Does this resonate with you in any way? Choose this journal entry or the other. Or both - if you're not too busy with other assignments. 
  • You get extra points if you use the vocabulary words we are learning in class! 


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