HW: Tues. Night 9/29

ELA 3 

  • Spend 20 minutes reading your books and have your parents initial your assignment book. 
  • Write a journal entry about Episode 4 of the Last Airbender: The warriors of Kyoshi. What lesson did Sokka learn about the relationship between boys and girls? What were his ideas about girls and how were they challenged in this episode? 


  • Read Chapter 5 of Babe: The Gallant Pig
  • Journal: Visions and Dreams. Write an entry about a vivid dream you had. Is it a recurring dream? As in, does the dream happen often?

  • Read Chapter 5 of Esperanza Rising
  • Journal: Pope Francis and St. Francis of Assisi. Imagine the two are having a conversation together in a room, or in any place of your choosing. What kind of conversation would they have? What are their similarities and differences? 
  • In order to write a more detailed entry about Pope Francis and St. Francis, you need to do some RESEARCH about these two men. What were they about? As in, what motivated them, what moved them, what do they care about more than anything else? 


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