Open School Night

"Mr. Robles' Classroom door opens magically for Friends."
Dear Esteemed Parents,

It was such a pleasure to meet so many of you on Open School Night. I had a wonderful time not only connecting with many of you but also helping to make connections between one another! I was a glad witness to several budding friendships, friendships rooted in a shared desire for our sons and daughters to excel academically and spiritually at Corpus Christi. Moving forward, I'd like to help cultivate these interpersonal relationships.

For those of us who could not make it, I wish to reiterate my beliefs. Many of them are laden with ideological fixations. Some I borrowed from books and articles I read through the years.

I hope that my beliefs will resonate with some of your own:

I Believe that…

1.       Every amazing student epiphany reflects an equal capacity on the part of the teacher orchestrating it. (Based on a favorite word: Reciprocity
2.       Our purpose as Teacher is to help children seek their own purpose. There is something stirring within each student; our goal is to wake it up. (From Khalil Gibran's The Prophet
3.       Though the work we do is often difficult, we will never fathom the infinite scope of our influence and inspiration in a student’s life. (An idea I adopted from Tuesday's with Morrie by Mitch Albom) 
4.       A Teacher who is personally committed to improving his students is inadvertently working toward the edification of the community as a whole.
5.       Even the most effective Teachers will be hard pressed to post good results, but even so, our efforts should be informed by data, not driven by data.
6.       If there is anything I can convey to my students, it is that people fail, and they fail often, but that does not make them failures. Failing is embedded into the fabric of success. It molds and shapes students into the people they are meant to become!
7.    Finally, I cannot do this alone. Teaching is a concerted effort. Let us rise together. 

Have a fantastic weekend! 

Mr. Robles


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