HW: Evening of Thurs. 10/15


  • Congratulations to our new Spelling Word Duels Champion: Jose Chavez. Your progress in class has been nothing short of a total transformation. Bravo, Jose! I am smiling from ear to ear as I write this. 
  • Study for your Spelling Test tomorrow. 
ELA 4 
  • Once again, Jason Fan has routed his challengers, and he remains alone at the top. I would like to commend Carl, Chanal, Colin, and any other student whose name begins with a C, for your heroic efforts to crush your opponents in Vocabulary Word Duels. Incredible work! 
  • Read Babe Chapter 8. 
  • Study for your Vocab Quiz! 
ELA 5 

  • We have a new champion this week. Congratulations, Mara Landers! You did it - even though you thought you were going to lose. Remember: there is a difference between perception and reality. The perception came from your own doubts, and our doubts are traitors! The Reality came from the Spirit of God who infused your heart with the will to prevail. Excellent work! 
  • Read Esperanza Rising Chapter 8. 
  • Study for your Vocab Quiz! 
  • Welcome back, Asher! The Fellowship of the Fifth is not the same without you. 


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