HW: Evening of 11.2


  • Congratulations, 3rd. Graders! You are level 2 Gramm-rockers! We are only going to get better at Grammar. 
  • Write the spelling words you spelled incorrectly on last week's test. Write them in your Spelling book three times each! 


  • Congratulations 4th. Graders! You are level 2 Gramm-rockers! You handled this assignment...handily...as writes, we need to learn the rules first before 
  • Finish reading BABE so that we can talk about it in class. 

5 ELA 

  • Fantastic Speeches today! I'm voting for Gabriel all the way! Kidding. I'm  neutral. 
  • Finish Reading Esperanza Rising! It's getting good and it is my ARDENT wish to discuss it in class. It is imperative that we finish this book! I only have a hundred and sixty days left with you. We are running out of time and we have too much to do!
  • We're off to a GREAT start this week :D 

The TEACHER and the STUDENT learning together and in so doing, we learn about OURSELVES!


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