Bronze, Silver, and Gold

Your new Bronze words are...<Drum Roll> 

Affable and Ambiguous! 

Affable: Courteous and pleasant, sociable, easy to speak to. 

Ambiguous: Open to interpretation; having more than one possible meaning. 

Your new Silver words are: 

Gregarious and Copious! 

Gregarious: Seeking and enjoying the company of others. 

Copious: An abundant supply. 

Your new Gold words are:

Immaculate and Garrulous!

Immaculate: Free from stain or blemish. 

Garrulous: Talkative. 

If you can weave ALL SIX power words into a one page story (any genre), I will bestow upon you a boon in the amount of TWO class dojo points for being a WORDSMITH. Now get to work, writers! 

Also, wish your ELA teacher good luck! He's running this Saturday's Half Marathon in Central Park called Frozen Bonsai! Break a leg, Mr. Robles! Well...not literally. 


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