Week 13 Missions

Esteemed Students, Parents:

I appreciate your patience with me throughout the first quarter. It was an incredible first three months for me - I am floored by the overwhelming support I have received from parents, administration, staff, and students.

Last week, I enjoyed a series of poignant, informative parent teacher conferences. Our goal for Q1 was to get your sons and daughters to LOVE the craft, to love writing, to love reading, and I am confident that we accomplished that.

The Second Quarter will be over in the blink of an eye, and I plan to maximize our learning in the classroom with dynamic, spirited, charismatic teaching, and electrified lesson plans.

To that end, I recommit myself to this Homework blog and I plan to implement all of your great suggestions for a better, more effective blog!

1) One great suggestion was: Post other HW Assignments from other teachers on ONE page. To address this issue, I posted links to Mr. Sgobbo's and Ms. Rodriguez' Page to the right of this article. Just click on their pretty faces, and you can head straight over to their page.

2) The second suggestion was to post the Test days in advance so that parents can know when students will have a test or quiz. Why didn't I think of that before? Mr. Sgobbo, Ms. Rodriguez, and I already locked in what days we give our tests and quizzes. For ELA, I typically give quizzes and tests on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and a Vocabulary Quiz every Friday.

3) Why not post the Vocabulary Words and Spelling words on this page? I will do that!

Here's the Homework, etc. for Week 13: November 30th-December the 4th. 


We are almost finished with The Whipping Boy! Keep reading! You have a Reading Comprehension Exam on Wednesday. So pray! On Thursday we have gamified Word Duels followed by a Spelling Quiz. We usually have the quiz on Friday but we have a half day, so I will not see you (unless we run into each other in the hallway)

ELA 4 

Remember to pick your best journals for me to grade. Finish your entries for today's podcast and the critical thinking questions from p. 42 of Reader's Street. Wednesday we have a Reading Comprehension exam and on Thursday we have a Vocab Quiz followed shortly after several rounds of Word Duels. 


Let's get ready for next week's Mass of the Immaculate Conception! This is our FOURTH Special Mission from the Principal. Our Fellowship of the Fifth is truly something special. We also won the Canned food drive by amassing 490 cans. Divide that number by the total amount of Students in our class, and we averaged nearly 40 cans per student. We handed our pizza party prize to the 1st. Graders - that was a proud moment for me yesterday morning. I was practically glowing, Fellowship.

We have a Reading comprehension exam Wednesday and a Vocab quiz Thursday. On Friday, we'll finish watching "The Neverending Story," the movie we had to watch because I was sick as a dog last Friday. Thank you for your prayers that day; I promise to simply take the day off in the event that my body fails me.

That is all for the night, folks! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

With warm Regards,

Mr. Robles


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