Week 21 Missions

ELA 5 

  • Monday: Today we begin reading our new book together, The Phantom Tollbooth. Let's have a look at the map today then begin reading about our dopey anti-hero, Milo. 
  • Tuesday: We're going to listen to a podcast about a very pressing issue in the United States today. I expect good note taking that you will then use to write out a thoughtful, coherent journal entry. 
  • Wednesday: I will send you home with two worksheets from our Scholastic magazine. These will now be graded for the third quarter and your Homework is just as valuable as a Quiz. 
  • Thursday: In order to unlock duels, you will have to complete the next round of Grammar drills. If not, you must take them home and complete them by Friday. You are also responsible for the first draft of your Speech regarding hunger in America. 

ELA 4 

  • Monday: Today we begin reading our new book together, The Bridge to Terabithia. It's a powerful read about friendship among other things. Logomon Trainers will read the first two Chapters. 
  • Tuesday: Logomon are responsible for reading the first two chapters of Bridge to Terabithia. Trainers will have already read them on Monday night. Today, we listen to another riveting podcast and take notes for our journal entry due Wednesday. 
  • Wednesday: After your Reading Comprehension exam, you will work on your Scholastic Worksheets due Thursday. 
  • Thursday: I will send you home with the next round of Grammar Worksheets. 
ELA 3: 

  • Monday: Study your spelling words and your new vocabulary word. 
  • Tuesday: Write a journal entry using the genre: Realistic Fiction, and include five spelling words and our new vocabulary words. 
  • Wednesday: Fill out your Scholastic Worksheets. 
  • Thursday: Hand in your Grammar Worksheets by Friday! 


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