National Poetry Month and HW 4/10-4/15

Dear Students, 

     It's National Poetry Month! 

     This month, we're going to look at poems, we're going to internalize them, and write some of our own. We're going to love some and we're going to abhor others. Some of them will leave an indelible imprint and others will slip away into the dark recesses of the mind. 

     I still remember poems I was <ahem> compelled/coerced/convinced to memorize in school. I even wrote one, but I was never good at it! I was better at geometry than poetry, if that can be imagined. 

     This one is called: Neighbor by Mr. Robles

     My mind's made up, 
     My heart is fixed, 
     Muscles tense as I root for the Knicks, 
     The spirit was right, 
     And without sight, 
     I hugged my neighbor, 
     Whose skin is white. 


     I am sure many of you will leave April wishing there were more showers. I'm looking forward to reading yours! 

     ELA 3
Good luck on your 2016 NYS Common Core Math Exam! 

     Monday: Today, we will look at three poems:

 "Fireflies in the Garden" 
By Robert Lee Frost
By Emily Dickinson  
"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"
By Robert Lee Frost  

If you can memorize any of these by Friday you score an A for presentation and memorization, and you will also earn 5 Class Dojo Points. 

     Tuesday: We're going to read more Amulet Book 2. Continue to memorize our poems! 

     Wednesday: We're going to dive into the mechanics of poetry. You get your journals back today so that we can work on our own. We are also going to read our Scholastic Magazine and I'm going to walk you through the worksheets together. 

    Thursday: On Thursday, we're going to review previous spelling words. I have not assigned any new spelling words because of the Common Core testing. The last thing I want to do is give you more work than you already have to do. Memorize your poems! 

     Friday: Presentation Fridays! 5 Class Dojo points to whoever memorized a poem. You can do it! 

ELA 4 
Show that 2016 Common Core Math Exam no mercy! 

Monday: Today, we will look at three poems:

 "A Bird Came Down the Walk" 
By Emily Dickinson
"Dust of Snow" 
By Robert Lee Frost
By Helen Hunt Jackson
If you can memorize any of these by Friday you score an A for presentation and memorization, and you will also earn 5 Class Dojo Points. 
Tuesday: We're going to talk about SLEEPING. Try to stay awake for this one, okay? Transfer your Cornell notes to your journals. Don't worry! You'll get them back today. 
Wednesday: Let's dig into the mechanics of poetry and begin writing our own. Take a stab at it in your journal tonight. 
Thursday: You have Scholastic Worksheets and Grammar worksheets to fill out tonight. 
Friday: Presentation Fridays! Present your poetry and memorization today for an A and Class Dojo points. 

KNOCK that 2016 Common Core Math Exam out of the Park! 
Mr. Sgobbo taught you well, now witness the full power of a fully armed and operational fifth grade math wiz! 

Monday: We're going to savor one poem today and we're all going to learn it and hide it in our hearts. This one is special and it hits home. Even our Principal quoted it last week. Fellowship, let's memorize this one, the first of many we will look at this month: 

"The Road Not Taken" 
By Robert Lee Frost

Tuesday: Today we're going to listen to a podcast about something I LOVE to do but the doing eludes me: SLEEP. Let's take good Cornell notes about the Economics of Sleep. Believe it or not: People who sleep better are more successful (and they don't get as sick as the rest of us.) 

Wednesday: Writer's Workshop! We're going to write our own poetry today. Maybe we can add it to the Science Fiction stories we created last Friday. 

Thursday: You're going to fill out Scholastic Worksheets and Grammar Worksheets. 

Friday: Have your poem memorized by today! 


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