Weekend Warriors

ELA 5 
  • T'was a harrowing round of interviews. We will finish them on Monday after we select our new Lion on the Hill.
  • Please hand your parents the Back to School Night flyer and correspondence. 
  • Fill out your planning page for your FIRST essay of the year. 
  • After you work on your planning page, write a rough draft of an essay on the page provided. Do your best. Give me all you've got and don't be afraid to make mistakes. The more you write, the more I can help you fine tune your writing so that it sings off the page. 
  • Essay and planning page is due on Monday. 

ELA 4 

  • Read your Weekly Reader magazine. 
  • Fill out the worksheet called "Prove it!" 
  • Enter our class Constitution Contest. 

ELA 3 

  • Read your Weekly Reader Magazine. 
  • Fill out the quiz we started about Bison. 

Have a GREAT Weekend! :D 


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