Bartolome de Las Casas

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend. I'm praying for a safe, restful weekend. Please lift up Haiti in your prayers. May the Lord lift up a standard against the storm.

And sure, think about Christopher Columbus, but you should also consider the COUNTER ARGUMENT for celebrating him. Many states are banning Christopher Columbus day and celebrating indigenous peoples' day. In my opinion, it's a much more appropriate way of celebrating America.

Your homework this weekend:

ELA 3:

  • Fix your Do overs and and your Exam Re-dos. If you scored below a 60 in any exam, well, do it again and make sure you get it right. Contact me on Class Dojo if you have any questions. Nobody falls behind! 
  • Enjoy your weekend. Happy Birthday Chloe and Hasti! 

ELA 4 

  • We're beginning to pick up speed in this class. We had a rough time with our Grammar, so this week I'm going to run Grammar drills. Study your Grammar Book. 
  • Fix your Do overs and your Exam Re-dos. If you failed or received a Mercy (get it? Mer-C?), then you get another chance. Fourth grade, we rise together! 
ELA 5 

  • Write your planning page and your essay in your journal: this week's prompt: Should students at Corpus Christi be able to wear whatever they want? 
  • Remember: I want an introduction, a body, a counter-argument, and a conclusion.
  • Infuse your essays with POWER WORDS.  
  • Work on your do overs and your exam re-dos. Yes, we're on a runaway train. Yes, I will stop the train if one student falls behind. 
  • Happy Birthday, mighty Samson! 


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