Manic Monday Missions

ELA 3, 4, and 5

  • Let's write a lot! Your first of FIVE journal entries is due tomorrow. Write about what you did, saw, heard, and draw a picture. 
  • The Genre of the Week is "MYSTERY." Write a mystery including secrets, clues, shadowy figures, an unsolved murder of a cuddly teddy bear, or a lost sunken treasure. Add James Bond-ish technology: a pen that's also a laser, x-ray glasses, a go go gadget hat that transforms into a helicopter. Be creative and interesting. Keep us guessing about WHO did it? 
  • You are also responsible for any do-overs, incompletes, and rewrites. RE-WRITES are too important. This is arguably the most important stage in the writing process! 
  • I want to help mold and shape your writing so that by the time you hit middle school you are all power writers, master dream fishers, and expert wordsmiths! 


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