Taciturn Tuesday Missions

Say very little! If you feel like saying something, write it down instead.

ELA 3, 4, 5

Once again, we are having a writing intensive week, zeroing in on our errors, indenting, correcting our choppy sentences, checking our spelling, verb tense agreement, and infusing our writing with POWER words. In other words, make mistakes, then polish your work. I want GOLD on the page! Write with gusto, with passion! Spill the contents of your heart onto the page and you will excel academically in this class!

  • Write your daily journal entry. What did you do, see, and hear? 
  • Continue to work on your Mystery Genre story. Focus on crafting secrets and problems that your character(s) need to solve. 
  • WEDNESDAY: we meet the legendary Ms. Browne in the library. Please bring your library books with you! 
  • THURSDAY: we will test our new variation of Word Duels called the GAUNTLET. Come to class prepared for battle. Sharpen your words, lock and load your lexicon. Study for your spelling/vocab test immediately after duels. 
  • on PRESENTATION Friday: I am looking forward to hearing your Mystery stories. Remember to read to the class, not to your own book. Remember to harness the power of your God-given voice. Do not be afraid to use a little theatrical flair. 


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