• Well done! Your Esperanza Rising exams were excellent, but rewrites are due tomorrow. This is the writer's process. We write, we make errors, we fix and polish our work so that it gets better.  Remember: We're alchemists. You hand me bronze, copper, and silver. I return them. Now, work your magic and turn it into GOLD. 
  • Read Esperanza Rising Chapter 10

ELA 4 

  • Do overs and rewrites are due. If you have any questions about any of these assignments, please see me! 
  • Read Babe Chapter 2 and circle any words that we can add to the lexicon and canon. 

ELA 3 

  • Read BFG Chapter 2 (We're reading chapter 1 in class together)
  • Make a list of real human words and fake giant words! This should be fun! 


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