Weekend Warriors (Veteran's Weekend)

ELA 3, 4, 5

  • Please continue to pray without ceasing, pray earnestly, and pray honestly. Continue to nourish your personal relationship with God as we move forward into the unknown. Feel free to write your prayers down in your journal. I will NOT grade any prayers! :D 
  • Your INFORMATIONAL one page entry about the animal you chose is due on Monday. With your parent's permission, check the internet for information about your animal. I hope it's neat, funny, and interesting. Informational can be cool and compelling.

ELA 4, 5

  • Your essay and planning page is due on MONDAY. 
  • Prompt: Should teachers give LESS homework to students? 
  • Remember: I want an introduction, body, counter-argument, and conclusion. Your essays are getting better and better! 


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