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Winter Vacation Video Game Project

Complete your Christmas Story


Prepare for Battle!


Week 16 Story Prompt

Your Essay of the Weekend

In your Superhero groups

Complete the Story Prompt for Week 14

Career Based Homework and Word Duels

Complete the Story Prompt

See your Team Captains

Rewrites and Character Development

Tuesday Night Settings and Group Work

Monday Missions

The Long Weekend

Your Team Captains:

Prioritize your Day

Write to a Hero

Happy Thursday!

Your Halloween Prompt

Your Essay of the Weekend and ELA Exam Schedule

Legendary Thursday HW

Here it is, your HW for the night!

Homework Menu

Prepare for Battle

Read, Create, Study.


Your ESSAY of the Weekend!

"What's the Homework?"

Notecharts and Vocabulary

Note Charts and Complete the Story

When Bad things Happen

Thursday Missions and Painting of the Month!

You Unlocked...!

Complete the Story, Notecharts, and reading!

Should we celebrate Columbus?

Show me your WAR face!

October Read Aloud Challenge

Reading Comprehension Test On Thursday

Complete the Story

Your Essay of the Weekend!

Prepare for BATTLE

Nothing to it but to do it.

Check Class Dojo

Note charts and Books

Essay of the Weekend and Independent reading

Painting of the Month Story Contest

Wednesday Night Note Charts and Google Docs

Daily Independent Reading and Dragon Naming Contest!

Monday Night Special Mission

Weekend Warrior Missions and Essays

We Rise Together!

Your Final Essay of the Year

Remaining Chapters UNLOCKED!

Grades 3-5 Finals Schedule

Your ELA FINAL Review Schedule

Religion Final, Rewrites, and Re-dos.

Your Weekend Essay

Dialogue Mission

Genre of the Week and Death to "Scared"

Memorial Day Weekend Mission

Wednesday Night Missions

Tuesday Night Missions

Monday Night Missions

Thursday Night Rewrites and Diagramming Sentences Missions

Monday night Missions

Journals are due FRIDAY

Tuesday Night Missions

Monday Night Missions

"I Survived" Final Drafts

"I Survived" ELA Spring Book project

Wednesday Night Missions

Tuesday Night Missions

Monday Missions

Open a Food Truck! (Easter Break ELA/Math Project)

I Survived!

Poetry Month Challenges and Missions

ELA Essays