Book Reports Due Friday

ELA 3, 4, and 5: 

Your book reports are due Friday morning after my second coffee! I recommend writing the first three paragraphs tonight, then the last three paragraphs tomorrow night. Choose a book you read last year and received during our field trip to Barnes and Noble. 

Your book report should include: 

  • Your name
  • Date
  • Title of Book
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Genre
  • Extra credit if you email the assignment to me, typed. 
  • Please email me if you have any questions! 
Each paragraph is outlined below:

I.                    Setting and Time

Describe the time (period of history) and setting (place) of the story.  If the time in which the book takes place is not stated, make an educated guess from details you read.  If the book is a fantasy, state that, and describe the time as past, present, future, or a fantasy world combining different times.

Setting describes the physical features of the place(s) in which the book happens.  Include country, state, city or town, if known.  If characters are on a journey, describe the different geographic areas through which they pass.  Describe the home, whether its location is rural or urban, school, and any other descriptive details of the place in which the book is set.


II          The Protagonist (Hero or Main Character)  (Two paragraphs)

            Choose the main character in the book.  The main character is
            central to your conflict and main event. 
In  paragraph one, give a detailed physical description of the character, including age, size, features of face and hair, build, and any distinguishing characteristics of smile, walk, posture, etc.

In the second paragraph, select four important character traits the main character shows in the book.  For each trait selected, include two examples of this personality trait from the book.  Identify the ways the character changes or grows as a person as a result of the events in the story.

III.          The Conflict 

            Describe the most important problem the characters in the book
must face.  Some examples of universal conflicts in books include character against nature, character against another character, character against himself, and character against the unknown (magic, fate)  Use at least three of the most important specific examples from your book to support your choice of conflict. 

IV.               The Main Event  


The main event describes the events in which the conflict you have described is resolved.  If survival is the conflict, the events which describe how the characters deal with life-threatening events to achieve a final goal, would be the main event.  If the conflict is character against himself, the main event would describe how your character changes in order to solve the conflict, and perhaps the price the character must pay to achieve this change.  



V.         The Conclusion  


Describe the author’s purpose in writing the book.  Some examples of purpose might be to entertain, to inform, to explain, or to persuade.  The author’s purpose is the reason for presenting a story in a certain way. 


Describe the effects this book had on you.  In what ways did the author entertain, inform, explain or persuade you?   

Would you recommend this book to a classmate?  Explain why you would and why you would not recommend the book, (its strengths and weaknesses) and your own conclusion.



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