Wednesday Night Missions

Copy these words and definitions in your Word Ammunition book (or Grammar Notebook). We need to know these words in order to understand what we're reading. They're also a  lot of fun to memorize and fire at each other during Word Duels :)

ELA 3 

Peter Pan, Forward - Chapter 2

Henceforth   Perambulators   Resented   Tolerant   Upbraided   Entreatingly   Enchantments
Conspicuous   Remedies   Pinafore

ELA 4 

Bridge to Terabithia, Chapters 1 - 2

Despised   Concert   Primly   Discarded   Allotted   Hypocritical   Proverbial   Cagey   Grit

ELA 5 

The Little Prince, Chapters 1 -2

Primeval   Pondered   Consequence   Intimately   Apparition   Cumbersome   Indulgently   Sensible


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