Weekend Warrior Missions


  • Read Peter Pan, Chapters 1-2. I can't wait to dive head long into our new book! 

ELA 4, 5 

  • Construct a Planning Page for your essay (5 minutes)
  • Write a two page Essay (50 minutes)  
  • Prompt: Should Athletes be penalized for celebrating? 
  • Use the Scholastic article provided to support your reasons with examples from the text. 
  • Use Evidence based terminology (stapled in the back of your journal) to construct a well thought out essay. 
  • Type it and hand it in, or email it to me on Sunday for extra credit! 
  • Infuse your essay with POWER WORDS! An essay without power words is like a ice cream with no sprinkles, and who doesn't like sprinkles in his or her ice cream? 
  • Double check your work for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and indenting. 
  • Read it out loud to your dolls and teddy bears in order to prepare for presentations :) 


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