Weekend Warrior Missions

ELA 3, 4, 5

  • We will begin using Khan Academy for Grammar! 
  • Log into Khan Academy. 
  • Click on "Grammar" under Arts and Humanities. 
  • Work for ten minutes. TEN minutes per day. 
  • Ten minutes per day = 70 minutes per week = 3640 minutes per year = 57 hours of your lives spent on Khan Academy for the year. 
  • Math is awesome.

  • Write a journal entry based on the prompt slip you received in class. 
  • Finish your Friday Prompt. 
  • You are responsible for Peter Pan through Chapter 5.

ELA 4 

  • Finish Bridge to Terabithia Chapter 4 and 5. 
  • Write a journal entry that deals with Janice Avery and her impulse to bully others. Why does she do it? Why do bullies bully others? 
  • Weekend Essay: Should we have Zoos? 


  • Finish your Friday writing prompt. 
  • Weekend Essay and Planning Page (Both TYPED): Should we have Zoos? 


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