Thursday Night Missions


  • Look up the following words from Peter Pan Chapter 3-4 and add them to your lexicon. They will be available for Word Duels next Thursday: Rummage, Intense, Cunning, Implicit, Contemptuous, Tedious, Trifling, Patronsing, Distorted, Gallant, Amends, Rapturous, Relenting, Indignant, Poised. 
  • Your journals are due tomorrow. 


  • Re-read Bridge to Terabithia Chapter 7 and study for your BTT Chapter test. 
  • Keep memorizing Jabberwocky. 
  • Your journals are due tomorrow. 


  • Read and take notes on THE HERO'S JOURNEY.  I will check your notes first thing in the morning tomorrow. 
  • If you haven't located a compelling quote for your speech, feel free to click HERE for a list of quotes from the internet. 
  • Your journals are due tomorrow. 
  • Continue to fine tune and memorize your speeches. 

Special Groups

Relentless Readers

  • Read Chapter 1-2 of The Whipping Boy and let's choose a time to talk about the book. 
  • I also need proposals for the next book we're going to read so that we can order them.  

The Four Horsemen

  • Please have your peer edits ready by tomorrow. Focus on student speeches. 
  • I need a genre of the week, a Death to campaign, an essay proposal, and a Class Dojo challenge for the following week. 

The Cool Kids

  • Keep practicing your assigned books and come to school prepared to read them aloud to the rest of the group.


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