Open a Food Truck! (Easter Break ELA/Math Project)

ELA 3, 4, 5

For Easter Break, you will work in teams of 3-4 students to design your own Food Truck! Food trucks are now the big craze for foodies. You'll have an opportunity to design your own truck and plan your menu. 

This is what you need to do so that your food truck is a success: 

  1. Create a Survey with questions you have about opening a food truck. (Math)
  2. Create an "inside the food truck" grid. (Math)
  3. Create a Business Plan. (Math)
  4. Create a name, slogan, and a logo for your truck. (Art)
  5. Imagine new foods. (ELA)
  6. Build a mini truck and create an accompanying description. (Art)
  7. Interview questions. (ELA)
  8. A song or jingle. (ELA)
  9. Fake Social Media page. (ELA/Art)
  10. Business cards (ELA/Art)
  11. Coupons (Art/Math)
  12. A sample menu (Art/Math)
  13. Order slips (Math)
  14. A one page reflection (ELA)
  15. Invitation for your grand opening. (ELA/Art)

Each student will receive a packet with all of this information. 

You have already chosen your teammates. Please make plans to meet during break or exchange emails and phone numbers in order to discuss your Food truck plans. 

Every team should have a Math captain, an ELA captain, an Art Captain, and a Research Captain. By dividing the project, each student is responsible for one aspect of the project. 

Every team has to choose one student to present your truck on Monday April 24th during Presentation Mondays. 

PLEASE email me at if you have ANY questions or concerns. 


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