CHOOSE your own adventure!

ELA 3, 4, 5 

CHOOSE TWO from the following HW assignments designed by the fourth grade: 

Ariana: Design your own APP and describe/draw its features. Create a logo for it! 
Nadia: UM...reading? for twenty minutes. 
Kailyn:  Draw a picture then tell a story about it! 
Hasti: Draw your spirit animal and then describe it. 
Hasti (Again): Choose an IDIOM and draw a picture of it. 
Alexander: Draw what  you think the earth will look like in 80 years. 
Joseph: Draw your zodiac or astrological sign.  
Ahmady: 20-30 minutes of any internet based assignment (Khan, Lexia, Achieve, Prodigy, TLR)
Cailyn: Draw one of your parents as a super hero! 
James: Draw a picture of the "Lexecutioner," the voice in the LEXIA program. Write about her. 
Chloe: Write a two paragraph story and draw a picture with it! 


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