How much is Too Much Homework?

ELA 3, 4, 5

  • Happy Monday, children! I'm writing from home. I hope you're all well. Please keep me in your prayers as my body goes to battle against a horde of germs (not Germans! Germs). 
  • For Homework, we are responsible for TWO Achieve articles. Please read the article first before answering any questions. Take your time and try not to get stressed. 
  • Please GO TO BED before 9pm. Many of you are coming to Corpus Christi looking like Zombies. If you do not finish any of my assignments, PLEASE have your parents initial where you stopped and I will accept it as finished. Your health comes FIRST. Always. 

  • Your HOMEWORK is a PERSONAL OPINION ESSAY: How much is too much homework?
  • Read this ARTICLE. This personal essay is due FRIDAY. 
  • I would read the article or print it out today. 
  • I would discuss the article with mom, dad, or Tio and Tia on Tuesday. 
  • On Wednesday, I would begin putting some ideas down. 
  • By Friday, share your Google Doc with me or write it out! 
  • NO EXTENSIONS! You have four days to finish this assignment. 

HOPEFULLY, I will see you all tomorrow. My doctor recommended tons and tons of rest. She thinks I'm exhausted. Teaching and training for the Paris Marathon seem to be taking their toll on my mind and body. I'm going to see her late on Wednesday afternoon. I also have Physical Therapy for my left shoulder on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

I'm including a photo of my Doctor below. Dr. Janelle Sunwoo is incredible. Pray for God to give her patience. Tons and tons of patience. Bag full of patience. 


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